Alfred Stormwind

Holier-than-thou paladin of Torm.




Born in the far land of Ethildaan, Alfred was born an aasimar, and raised from the moment of his birth to be a holy warrior for the god Torm. Trained as a Paladin, he journeyed far in pursuit of his great duty, guided by Empyrea, his deva guide. He currently fights as a member of the Order of the Gauntlet, though this is more out of convenience than any particular conviction to his cause.

Alfred has a tendency to take his service of Torm too far, although much of this is a bid to cover his own weaknesses and insecurities, such as his low alcohol tolerance. Certain scantily-glad bathhouse owners have also caught his attention, suggesting there is much more going on in this aasimar’s head than he might lead many to believe.

Recently, he opted to have his back tattooed with angelic wings and the Hand of Torm. At first these may seem purely cosmetic and yet another sign of his religious devotion, however, the ocassional flicker of light glowing through his clothes may be an sign that these indicate an even greater power within.

Alfred Stormwind

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