Gatix Doublebit

Gnome Ranger with a love for animals and a hatred of Orcs




Born to a small hidden village within the Merriwood of Northern Dernland, Gatix is the second youngest of his three siblings, a younger brother and two old sisters. From a young age, Gatix, found that he had an affinity with wildlife. He would spend more time amongst the animals of the Merriwood than with the people he called family.
Upon reaching the age of 29 he was taken as apprentice to Ol’ Featherbraid, the greatest ranger of the Merriwood, who saw great potential in his affinity and love for the animals. For 83 years, Gatix trained in the ways of the ranger, learning fletchwork, tracking, stealth and building his relationship with nature and those that live among it.
In his 108th year, on a trek to the outskirts of Merriwood, Ol’ Featherbraid became concerned with odd tracks that had not appeared before within it. The tracks all showed destruction in their wake with fell trees and dead animals strewn everywhere. The two set out to follow the tracks and find the horrid beasts that had commited such attrocities in their home.
At the end of the tracks, the pair found a camp of Goblins lead by an orcen leader, Greyflek. Never one to stand by and leave for destruction Gatix rushed into the camp, disregarding the instructions of his master.
Gatix managed to clear his way through the goblins, easily as a knife through butter but was taken by surprise when Greyflek rushed him. Knocked to the ground, injured, winded, Gatix awaited the final blow of the gruesome orc. As the greatsword came swinging down, Ol’ Featherbraid appeared from the darkness of the wood and leapt at the orc. An intense fight was rought in the camp amongst the goblin bodies with no clear winner. The small gnome, Ol’ Featherbraid, held his own despite being miniscule compared to the lumbering weight of the orc.
Gatix could not hold out and lost conciousness during the fight coming to what felt like an age later. When his strength has returned he sort out his master. No matter where he searched Gatix could find neither hair nor hide of Ol’ Featherbraid or Greyflek the Orc. Fearing his masters death at the hand of the orc he returned to the village to bring the bad news and to warn them about the enemies that may still be at large in the Merriwood.
4 years later, Gatix travels the world searching for his masters killer. Along the way he hopes to bring the peace of the merriwood to the forests of the land.

Gatix Doublebit

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